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Previous Gillim Award Winners PDF Print E-mail

1967    William R. McIntosh, P. E.

1968    Wallace W. "tubby" Sanders, P. E.
1969    Daniel V . Terrell, P. E.
1970    Dwight H. Bray, P. E.
1971    Craig P. Hazlett, P. E.
1972    Floyd F. Schrader, P. E.
1973    Robert R. Dawson
1974    Herschel StLedger, P. E.
1975    Carl S. Kroboth, P. E.
1976    No Award Given
1977    No Award Given
1978    Lowell E. Gregg, P. E.
1979    David K. Blyth, P.E.
1980    Curtis H. Hannum, P .E.
1981    James E. Humphry, P. E.
1982    William B. Drake, P. E.
1983    Robert B. George, P. E.
1984    William O. Snyder, P. E.
1985    Frank B. Wylie, Jr., P. E.
1986    J. Ed. Bilby, P. E.
1987    Robert H. Uhl, P. E.
1988    Clarence S. Roehrig, Jr., P. E.

1989    Arthur S. Curtis, Jr., P. E.
1990    John Clinton Bridwell, P. E.
1991    Frank C. Campbell, P.E.
1992    Vincent P. Dmevich, P. E.
1993    No Award Given
1994    Alvin Lynn Pope, P. E.
1995    Kenneth W. Dawson, P. E.
1996    Aubrey D. May, P. E.



1997    Clyde L. Coe, P. E.
1998    Charles D. Wood, P. E.
1999    Donn Edward Hancher, PhD, P.E.
2000    George E. Blandford, PhD

2001    Charles Patrick Strehl, P .E.
2002    David F. Garber, P.E.
2003    D. Joseph Hagerty, PhD, P.E.   

The Robert M. Gillim Foundation, Inc. was DISSOLVED October 3, 2003

Kentucky Section, American Society of Civil Engineers
2004    Donn Edward Hancher, PhD, P.E.
2005    Charles W. Ritchie, P.E.
2006    No Award Given
2007    John W. Scott. P.E.
2008    Lindell E. Ormsbee, PhD, P.E.
2009    Theodore Leo Niemann, P. E.
2010    Linda Bridwell, P.E.
2011    Greg Heitzman, P.E.
2012    Darrell Herron, P.E.
2013    Jafar P. Mohsen, PhD


2013 Gillim Award Winner

mohsen Dr. Jafar P. Mohsen(fondly known as J.P.), Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Univerity of Louisville, has received the 2013 Robert M. Gillim Professional Recognition Award presented by the Kentucky Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which recognizes Dr. Mohsen for his service to civil engineering in the Commonwealth.

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